Physical Literacy among children

Reading a paper(government circular rather) by the AP government to promote physical literacy among children.

Key thought: Physical literacy is not an extra-curricular activity, it should be part of the curriculum.

Goals: To make Physical Literacy an integral part of the Curriculum at School
level for multi-faceted development of all the children.
2. To provide opportunities to school children to experience physical activity
in a positive and supportive environment so as to promote lifelong
engagement in physical activity.
3. To create an inclusive environment in schools for promoting balanced
lifestyle, exercise, sleep and nutrition among all teachers and students.
4. To make aware and motivate the Head Masters, Teachers and other
stakeholders in the School eco-system to appreciate and implement
Physical Literacy programs in schools.
5. To collaborate with experts in the field, other Government Departments
in achieving the Physical Literacy goals and objectives.

Impressed by Naidu and his government!

GPS Sheikpet School visit – some observations

I went to meet the Headmaster of the Sheikpet GPS today – one of the 25 schools in the Sheikpet Mandal. We are planning to support the school through the Kriti Educational Program – the immediate need is of four teachers who can communicate in English.

Some interesting things we learnt/heard/discussed:

There are 350 schools in the Sheikpet Mandal, of which 25 are government schools. Look at the need and look at how much the government is meeting the need currently!

Reliance Foundation Jr. NBA program has reached out to this school. Our Sports Program teachers are selecting kids for the trials this weekend.

Anganwadi/ pre-schooling is much needed to a) reduce the burden on the Class 1 teachers b) start early motor skills for the children c) provide some temporary day care for working parents.