Return to blogging

Happy to start writing again. After a long long gap (couple of years), the desire to write and express my thoughts in black and white has come back.

The last few years has been full of events that has shaken my world view, blasted my world, and forced me to think really hard. Dad passed away after 5 years of cancer treatment. Just few months after he passed away we learnt that Mom too has cancer.  Daily hospital visits drained my physical and emotional energy.

I started developing anxiety issues and did not realise how bad it was until one day I had to go to the hospital emergency with a BP of 180/120.

Me and health problems? Me the fitness freak. Me who ran multiple half marathons? It was very very difficult to accept.

Its been more than a year now and this year has been such a journey, it surpassed the Everest Base Camp Trek and the Stok Kangri Trek put together.

I will be blogging sometimes about this journey, maybe to just put things together in my own mind, maybe also hoping that it will help somebody else who is facing similar things in Life.

I will also be blogging about our Europe trip, the places we see the things we do. The people we meet.

Looking forward to lots of writing.


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