English Literacy and love for learning among kids: Classroom methods

We are having a great discussion within the India Literacy Project group about the teaching methodology we should use in our schools. Our objective being as much to inculcate a love for learning and books as it is to teach English skills, we have been using the Shared Reading approach in our schools.

Here is a video that illustrates how shared reading works:

The video illustrates how to do shared reading with a class, in order to keep it interestng, exciting, and fun. Each reading brings about a different aspect. Day 1 its all about the story, Day 2& 3 the class reads along, Day 4 is emphasis on some words and phonics, Day 5 is doing creative stuff around the story.

There are of course other approaches to teaching. A friend who runs an NGO called Sugathi has developed, with his team, a Theme centric approach to teaching. In this approach, using games, classroom activities, crafts etc. they reinforce concepts and ideas, as well as vocab, among the students.

Do share other approaches that you know are being followed by teachers and have been found to work – my key criteria, it should keep the kids engaged, and help them retain the words, sentence formations etc they learn!