Finally the kids in school give me something to cheer about

So last Tuesday was a frustrating day at class. The teachers in school were out on census duty, and the kids were as unruly as wild horses let out of the corral.

So with my limited Telugu vocabulary ( to be honest I know perhaps 5 words of the language) I tried to bring order to the class. Failed. Tried to draw their attention with a variety of stories and rhymes. Partial success. Threatened to hit them with a long wooden ruler ( I am not averse to doing it either, a different post on that later) – not much success. So through all the din and noise, I managed some phonetics teaching.

I braced myself for more of this on Thursday. And lo and behold. For whatever reason, the children decided they would be model students.

I did not even realise how much we had done together over the last 8-9 months until they showed me. And today it was not just 2-3 kids answering my questions, there were at least 10-15 kids out of the lot of 60 who knew a fair bit of what I had been teaching. And were able to apply the knowledge in figuring out how to pronounce new words they hadn’t seen before.

A very Happy and satisfied teacher emerged from the school on Thursday.


‘On the same day, something did pull me down. One of the students of the school had problem reading, so me , their class teacher and the India Literacy Project office worker took him for an eye check up. The poor guy had a power of -10, plus his eye muscles have become weak. I hope it does not become worse, and we are able to find a good doc who can fix his problem.



One thought on “Finally the kids in school give me something to cheer about

  1. tzopilotl February 19, 2011 / 7:31 am

    …hmmm, you name means crown in
    the first language, Nauatl=copilli(N)=copinia(N/verb)=cup/cue(r)po=
    copse/co(r)pse, clip-clop. the upside-down cup. the goddess is Kubaba, deity of copper.

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