Photopost: Monsoon hike at Rajmachi

We get onto a Pune-Lonavla local. No seats, so we have to perch ourselves on the luggage rack.

On the luggage rack in the train

Lonavla station is lovely, a little dirty with all the rain and grime, but the grass covers it all!

We eat lots of missal-pau and vada-pau while waiting for friends from Mumbai to show up. In pouring rain, we start the trek from Lonalva, near the Tungarli Dam. ( that explains the lack of photos, we didn’t dare to take out our cameras).

We walk for 5 hours, over hills and valleys, crossing raging streams. Along the way we meet bikers – they are carrying the bikes across the streams. What enthusiasm!  We see lovely waterfalls, and mist covered hills.

Rajmarchi finally appears at 5:30. its  a small hamlet of 20 huts.

There are 550 trekkers here today. We get our own hut – villa, as Sid likes to think of it. It has mud walls and a mud floor.

We are busy wringing out the rain from our clothes, bedsheets, everything.

Nothing like a hot chai in the rain. Food here is great – including the Pohas for breakfast.

The return is downhill to Karjat, a different route. We cross lovely paddy fields.

Our knees cry in pain on the steep path. Rija sits down, and gives up hope!

We finally are down in the valley. Some more hot chai, and kandha bhaji.

Then its back to the station at Karjat, and a train to Pune. A great monsoon trek, and recommended to everyone who loves the rains.


4 thoughts on “Photopost: Monsoon hike at Rajmachi

  1. Mini August 10, 2010 / 6:11 pm

    We got mugged in 2007 on the way to rajmachi. Lost my chain,mobile&watch at that time. The place is so beautiful… but I hope you are carrying some pepper spray with you when you are going for treks likes this.

  2. kopili August 10, 2010 / 9:13 pm

    @mini: Oh god, I hadn’t heard about anything like this before. Thanks for putting up the warning here, will be careful in the future. There were plenty of people when we were hiking, so probably that kept away any muggers and miscreants.

    • Anonymous August 12, 2010 / 9:00 am

      well, we got to know a week later that the same group attacked a scorpio which was waiting somewhere at the base. They attacked the driver and took away everything that was there in the vehicle(basically around 6 people had gone for the trek leaving all their valuables in the vehicle). the good news is that they were arrested by Police in a month’s time. Still that memory haunts me till date.. There were many people trekking to rajmachi on that day, but somehow we got isolated at a 1km stretch and they made the maximum out of it.

  3. Ajay Reddy October 7, 2010 / 11:42 pm

    Satish looks as if he is high on dope! kidding 🙂

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