Everest Base Camp Trek Day 7: Dingboche to Lobuche

From D1ngboche ( 4410m) to Lobuche ( 4900m)

This was the only day for which I don’t have an entry in my journal. So my memory of it is rather sketchy but the photos we took helped.

Our day started with walking through some lovely pastures with picturesque yak herder camps. Here’s when I also decided to test my strength and carried Sudhir’s backpack for a couple of hours. It added to the effort, but wasn’t as bad as I’d expected, perhaps because it was mostly level ground. I could feel the difference on the climbs.

Yak herder huts on the way to Lobuche

We stopped for lunch at Thakla, where I fell in conversation with a guy from Lisbon. He was on the plane with us from Kathmandu to Lukla, and was already on his way back from the base camp ( two days ahead of us). Apparently the guy didn’t acclimitise but his body was just fine. Some people are lucky.

Meanwhile all of us have started dressing like Ninjas because of the dust and cold, keeping our mouths and noses covered with identical multi-purpose cloth piece we had bought at Namche.

Yes - we were all dressed like Ninjas

After lunch, there was again some serious climbing of an hour or so. At the top, there is a open ground strewn with memorial stones in memory of those who had died on these mountains.

Memorial stones to those who never came back

We reached Lobuche at around 3:30, into a cozy lodge with very stinky toilets.

Lobuche lodges

At around 5, Cheekala, Sudhir and I put on our layers and ventured out. It was bitterly cold and we ran back after half an hour of freezing outside – this inspite of our down jackets and multiple layers. It was nicer inside the lodge where the collective warmth of people and the bukhara ( that was sometimes lit) helped keep the room cosy. Padmaja was giving out her famous massages – and I got one too. Felt awesome. It was a “champi” – for many days hence my hair would hang limp and oily from my head, and wafts of Jabakusum oil would linger behind me. But who cared? It just felt so good.

Tomorrow we are going to reach the Everest Base Camp. I am looking forward to it.


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