Everest Base Camp Trek Day 6: Acclimitisation at Dingboche

Trek to 5100 m peak and back to Dingboche at 4400 m

The mornings are bright and clear – I open the curtain next to my bed and look out at Ama Dablam peak gazing at me sternly from rather close range. Its a great way to start the day – sitting up in bed with my journal and watching the sun light up the snowy mountains.

I get out and get a nice cup of tea. Sudhir and Cheekala are already outside – we bask in the sun for a while. I think my fingers are going to fall off when I go for a wash at the basin.

I love my morning tea - especially in the chill air of the mountains
I love my morning tea - especially in the chill air of the mountains

Its a tough trek of 700 m, and only 4 of us out of 11 make it to the top of the peak.   As Cheekala says, “its a great feeling yaar”.

Just climbed a 5100 m peak
Just climbed a 5100 m peak

This peak is apparently called Nagarjuna peak, but I could never find it on the map.

The way up, especially near the top, was extremely windy and cold. Add to that the Oxygen level of less than half what we are used to, and its a tough climb. Towards the end me, Cheekala, Sudhir and a valiantly struggling Aditya who had to deal with a headache on top of all the other problems, barely managed to take a few steps at a time. This was part of what made me ( us) feel so good when we reached the top. We knew we had to really work hard to get there.

The reward  – stunning 360deg view of snowy mountain peaks.

It was so windy on the top, we had to take shelter among some rocks. We spent only about half an hour there, before we decided to head back so we could be in time for lunch.

The afternoon post-lunch was spent relaxing. I took a nap and then persuaded the guys to try out the only coffee shop in town. We walked through the village in the twilight, and had some disappointing black forest cake, and coffee that tasted like it was spiked with peppermint. I treated the others – the little sis had just got her visa approved for her masters in the US, and I was happy and relieved for her.

Feel asleep after gazing at a sky so bright with stars it seemed impossible.


3 thoughts on “Everest Base Camp Trek Day 6: Acclimitisation at Dingboche

  1. Satish K Cheekala June 3, 2010 / 12:39 pm

    Nagarjuna peak, as you rightly said, 360d view. would feature in my top 5 moments of the trip.

  2. sid June 24, 2010 / 3:10 pm

    sounds awesome Ba!! great pics as well…glued to the blog in office 🙂

    • kopili June 26, 2010 / 7:00 pm

      Thanks SID – be careful of Aijoni. She’ll come and say cruel things. U know what – like you read only Ba’s blogs and stuff.

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