N’s third Birthday: what a party!

As I mentioned in my earlier post on this, we planned to have N’s Birthday party on a Sunday, so AppaPappa could be here .

With 8 kids running around the house, balloons bursting everywhere, and the adults chatting away, we had one blast of a party.

The day started tame , with us dressing up Nika in a Pattu-Pavadai as intructed by Tata-Paathi, and all of us going to the nearby temple dutifully.

It rapidly started going more wild as the day progressed, even as the Pattu-Pavadais stayed on.

After the usual afternoon nap, we all woke up to find it was already four thirty, and the guests would be arriving at 6. We’d invited 4 close friends ( couples with their little ones), and a few kids from our apartment complex that N is friendly with. We were also ambitious – we were going to make pasta with tomato and mushroom sauce, bruschetta, french fries and a dip, lots and lots of fruits and then there was the cake.

I made a nice cup of tea and sent appa off to get the cake, while R and her daughter Z ( close friends of ours) were put in charge of the decorations. After about an house R comes up to me and says : decoration is not my forte! let me make the pasta 🙂

They did a nice job anyway, a tent was up and balloons were blown and streamers were hung. Appa came back with the heart shaped strawberry cake ( yummy).

The guests started arriving, the little ones were so cute all decked up and all. The party was under full swing. Kids having a blast in N’s room with the music, Dads and bachelor friends and moms drinking Sangria and chatting.

Meanwhile I’m trying to keep the guests supplied with plates of tid-bits. As planned earlier, we had tried to make as much healthy food as possible. So we had pasta ( farfalles) sprinkled with olive oil, brown bread drizzled with olive oil and butter and baked, lots of fruits, and finally the pasta, all washed down with juice or Sangria ( most of which I think I had). Though I confess, when I ran out of stuff, I had to send the maid running down for packets of chips, which clearly the kids were craving for!

The cake cutting was fun, with N strugling to blow the candles out. There was much anticipation for the cake, as you can see.

All in all, a great party. You always know its good when there is tons of cleaning up to do afterwards. Pity I didn’t take a photo!


One thought on “N’s third Birthday: what a party!

  1. sscribbles April 9, 2010 / 4:08 pm

    hey, nice pics. And you have given me enough fodder for my 3-yr-old’s party in May.
    Btw, you have been awarded an Honest Scrap. Pick it up from my blog.

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