Summer is here in Hyderabad

Mornings and evenings are still cool, but during the day the temperature is already hitting the thirties. Summer is here, and looking like it is coming with a vengeance.

Some good things to look forward to –  teaching N swimming ( she, unfortunately, like the Little Sis, appears not too keen on this), eating raw mango chutney ( the recipe for which I will try to flick from my maid whose claim to fame is chutneys and pickles that set your tongue on fire), icecreams and cool juices, and, very soon, luscious mangoes. The entire summer the year before N would sit in the balcony and gorge on mangoes.

Some not so good things – the heat and tossing about at night because of power cuts, sun burn, not able to walk/cycle much during the day, water shortage, power cuts.Also, N’s school break where I have to think of how to entertain her the entire day!


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