A few commandments of slow-living

From the slow-living website:

The Art of Slow Living
To stay for all your life a free thinker: this is the meaning of Slow living; to have the courage to stop, ponder and made your own choices before external events and trends will sweep you away.

Here are some simple steps to start with ( again from the web-site):

-Wake up five minutes earlier than usual so you have time to shave, do your make up or have breakfast without hurrying

-While queuing at the supermarket or in traffic relax, don’t get angry and try to use your time for planning your day or talking to your neighbor in line

-When you enter a café, make a habit of saying hello to the waiter before ordering and after enjoying your coffee remember to say goodbye (this rule works for all stores, offices and in the elevator!)

-Write your text messages on your cell phone with no symbols or abbreviations and get in the habit of starting with “Dear…”

-When possible, don’t do two things at the same time (for example don’t write while speaking on the phone). You run the risk of becoming impolite and imprecise

-Don’t join and don’t let your children join any teams or activities that are far from home

-Avoid being so busy and full of work that you don’t have time for yourself and the delight of thinking about nothing

-Don’t force yourself go shopping; most probably there is enough food in your cupboard to make something tasty for dinner

-Sometimes go to the corner shop even to buy what you need, even if it’s not cheap; this will save you time and stress

-Go for a walk, alone or in company, to a local restaurant rather than driving and waiting in traffic to get to your customary eatery across town

-In the evening turn off the television and read the newspaper

-In the weekends don’t always leave town, learn to enjoy your own city, wherever it is

-If you have a two-week break from work, spend ten days on holiday and the remaining days relaxing before and after your trip

-Stop saying: “I don’t have time to…” – these words won’t make you appear more important than you are and will only cause you stress