Three Idiots, and turning the clock back

Thanks to the persistent Little Sis, I got to go watch a movie without dragging N along. This was in Guwahati, so this post comes just about 10 days late.

What a pleasure it was to watch a movie without having to get out every 5 minutes because N has reached the end of her not-so-long attention span. And of course if that movie is Three Idiots, then the evening is a rocking one!

Aamir Khan is unbelievable – how on earth does he manage to look like a just-out of teens boy? He’s past forty, isn’t he? And its not just the looks, the way he walks, talks, moves, everything. Its a pleasure to watch him.

The movie was of very funny, and brought home a point without sounding too preachy. I am sure all of us engineering types, who went to engineering school because… ummm.. we were good at maths and didn’t want to be doctors, had just that slightest twinge of “wish I had followed xxx dream when I had the chance”, or even a little blame game on the parents thing.

I think I have reached the age when blaming the parents for something is no longer really feasible. I mean, where was my own will when I killed myself to get a good rank in the state boards, instead of, say, going off to  basketball games or to NCC camps? I studied like I was expected to, and I knew I did it because I wanted the adulation that went with getting a good grade. That, and the fact that I really did not know what else to focus my energies on.  I guess the one thing that interested me then, and that interests me now, and that has not changed, is the love of the Outdoors. And given a chance, I would have liked to work out a career that lets me spend time outdoors, in the middle of natural surroundings.

Thats a thought, given a chance to go back , turn the clock, what would you do, if you were, say 18/ or even 21?


5 thoughts on “Three Idiots, and turning the clock back

  1. Ajay January 26, 2010 / 2:52 am

    Rumor has it that the young-looking Aamir was accomplished through digital touch-ups.

    The movie was funny and great in patches, but the adulation’s a bit over the top. I think it touched a nerve in India, which is helping its case a lot.

    • kopili January 30, 2010 / 12:33 pm

      Really? I think it was very enjoyable and wholesome pretty much throughout. I was in fact surprised at how they managed to take a lot of sms-type cliched jokes and use it well in the movie ( a fact that was pointed out to by my sister who seemed to know all these cliched jokes).

      It somehow felt very seamless, no jarring moments. Disappointed to hear about the Aamir Khan digital touch up bit though. At the same time, you have to give it to the guy – I don’t believe they could have actually digitally touched up his body to look like a 21 year old even if they could have done his face?

  2. Arun January 30, 2010 / 9:00 pm

    In the first thirty minutes of the movie, I was almost ready to give up and get out. It was too much of stale jokes and puzzles stretched too long. It picked up well later on and was good to watch. I would not talk much about the message conveyed; it doesn’t take a ‘three idiots’ to realize it.

    Coming to how I wish my yesteryears be, I can’t really think of what I could change, at least in terms of academics and field of work. I dreamt meaningless dreams, so it was perhaps better that I completed something even though it did not fit the dreams well. I did not enjoy engineering but I doubt if I could have thoroughly enjoyed a formal education in anything else. I remember feeling an immense joy in being with my physics books or solving math problems, but I don’t know where did that go after +2. At least, a BE made me ready for the world.

    Sometimes I have wondered if it was a good thing growing in complete comfort. I never had to struggle for admissions, did not have to look hard for a job, did not have to spend sleepless nights to get life going. It is perhaps this ease in life that did not allow me to see anything with great respect or serious interest and intent. I did not take life seriously enough ever. At the moment, I am not even sure if it should be taken seriously! 🙂

    But I have no blames to put on the system or upbringing.

  3. Anu February 10, 2010 / 3:24 am

    Nice write up.

    I can really relate to not knowing to focus my energies elsewhere! So here I am, with an engineering degree & some years of work in an IT company.. Typical, really 🙂

  4. kopili March 9, 2010 / 7:50 am

    There is no doubt that our education has given us a comfortable lifestyle – which may not have been the case if we didn;t have that formal education. It also opens doors for us because of the pedigree. At the same time, it has made us too comfortable.. as Arun says, having to struggle helps.

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