Of pumpkin soup and raw herbs chutney

My Mom’s kitchen always seem to produce at least one interesting dish at every meal.

Take today’s lunch, for example. All of a sudden she tells me to go to the herb patch behind her kitchen and get some fresh spinach, lai xak ( for which I don’t know the English word, but it is a slightly bitter leaf that we Assamese love eating), coriander and green chillies. She grinds it all with some garlic pods, and produces a very lively chutney that has a raw taste to it, but very flavorful nevertheless.Supposed to be eaten with very hot rice.

I decide to continue the culinary tradition into dinner. The tradition of making one unusual dish at least.

Decide to make pumpkin soup. I’d made some with butternut squash back in the US during Thanksgiving time, and figured I should try it out with good old pumpkin. Simple recipe – sauteed onions in butter with some garlic pods, boiled a slightly sauteed the pumpkin cubes, pulsed it in the mixie, added some milk and pureed some more, and grated some cheese on top. My Mom, a very picky eater, seemed to like it, and I loved it – warmed us up in the cold, it did.

Lets see what tomorrow brings. My Mom is the kind of woman who at the age of 58 still experiments with food in her kitchen, so I am sure there will be more!


2 thoughts on “Of pumpkin soup and raw herbs chutney

  1. hungry husband December 19, 2009 / 5:56 am

    Lai Xak – I want, I want!! Pumpkin soup – I want, I want!!

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