Early Birds and a flashback to childhood

“Early Birds” or “Probhati Poxi” – a nice name for a bird-watching enthusiast group.

Went to meet the person who’d started this to get the low-down on the birdwatching scene in Assam.

He told me there are more than 50 IBA’s, or important birding areas, in Assam. And these guys have been working with the villagers who live around these areas, in  addition to enjoying the birding scene.

The nearest to Guwahati, of course, is Deepor Beel. A controversial IBA, because of the encroachment and livelihood problems. I’d gone there last year with my Mother and N, who was then a year and a half. We’d hired a small boat and gone out into the lake. My Mom, enterprising woman that she is, took her students out for an outing there afterwards. The kids had really enjoyed the place.

Anyway, so I’m looking forward to exploring more of these places while I am here.

Meanwhile, a funny thing happenned today. I’d just got into an auto today, when the auto driver looks and me and says, rather abruptly, “we used to play cricket together”. I was a little taken aback, especially because I could not for the life of me remember who he was.  Turns out he’s our neighbour, and we did used to play cricket together as kids.


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