Hyderabad Half Marathon and 10K run

I have been practicing for the Hyderabad 10K run. Getting up at 6, going to the Botanical Gardens with the Runner Girls of Hyderabad ( we haven’t formed the group yet formally, but thats happenning soon). And running about 7 – 8 kms , touching 10K only on one day. The past week I’ve only done about 3-5 K, conserving energy.

As usual, I procrastinated, and registered myself on Day – 1. Corporate registrations had closed, so me and Appa went to the booth at Eat Street in Necklace Road. Which was really good, because guess what happenned? On an impulse, Appa registered too.  Before I knew it, both of us were running for the half-marathon, for which I was, well, half-prepared and Appa was, as usual, not prepared.

Surprising it was then that we both actually managed to finish it, and under three hours too. Though that is not record breaking by any standards, it certainly felt special. And having Appa next to me meant I actually sweated it out and finished it. And enjoyed the whole thing, instead of feeling it was a punishment.Appa’s Dad put it to us this way: “You guys did the marathon. Half and half equals one.” 🙂

Here’s us with the runner girls and their families at the finish line.

I will resist the urge to record minute by minute details of our achievement ( it was a whole of 160 min, and thats a lot), and stick to the basics: the arrangements were great, the run started on time ( believe that!), and there was refreshment every once in a while. Traffic was kept out of the runners way by enthusiastic traffic police ( managing to control traffic in a way I have never seen them do in Hyderabad). And even the timing was recorded through little chips we had to tag onto our feet.

The scene at the Finish line was amazing, the 10K runners were also finishing up ( they started an hour later), and there were rows of corporate groups, a group from ISB, people running for various causes, etc. etc. We waited around to cheer a good friend who was finishing the 10K.

All in all, a great way to spend a Sunday morning.


3 thoughts on “Hyderabad Half Marathon and 10K run

    • kopili November 25, 2009 / 3:48 pm

      Thanks Jennifer!

  1. Aarthi November 26, 2009 / 10:22 pm

    Hi Kanchuki,
    Congrats, very inspiring and was very happy to see how well organized it was Hyderabad.
    BTW this is Aarthi who worked with Microsoft as a temp about 5 years back. I was in Arun’s team, remember? I met you both once in the train from bombay to Hyd.
    I found your blog and have been following for a while.Good to see you doing well.


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