28kms on Day 1 of riding is not bad

It’s easy when you have nice company too!  Here’s the group from the Hyd Bicycling Club – a very enthusiastic group that meets at least twice a week, and often does rides of 100km or more in a day.Cycleride

This was my first ride with the group, and thats me grinning a little foolishly on the extreme right of the photo. This photo is taken in the middle of a quarry, where the beautiful rocks have been blasted and carted away leaving large craters on the ground. We rode along the dirt trails used by the trucks – much rattling and bumping happenned. Once in a while we’d cross a large rock embedded on the ground, and would ride down it – some of us cautiously braking, while some sped down like it was actually something that could be enjoyed. Me ? After breaking my bones umpteen times ( the last one after a bike-fall), I’m more on the cautious side of things.


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