US House passes a bill to reduce climate change impact

The recent Bill passed by the US House towards reducing impact on climate change is likely to be a HUGE step if it goes through in the Senate.

If this Bill is passed it has a chance to impact much of the climate change problems of the world.

The US is basically saying it will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by the middle of the century, progressively, starting with the goal of 17% by 2020. Its a tough goal indeed considering the US is the largest producer of greenhouse gases.

All in all, if the Bill is passed in the Senate also, I for one will definitely rejoice that we are taking this Climate change thing seriously. And with the largest economic power in the world changing its ways, there is hope yet for a Green Earth.

How they will do it is something that is not clear from the reports. Through investment in cleaner energy seems to be the answer – simultaneously reducing the US’s dependency on fossil fuels and fossil fuel producing countries. Initially, permits will be issued to emit greenhouse gases and these permits would become more pricey over time. Which means items will become more expensive. There are many who are crying hoarse at this.

I am of the opinion that finally, finally, we are maybe starting to put a right price ( environmental costs duly included) in the things we are consuming. So when we turn on that AC for longer than necessary, we are paying the right price for it.

From here, it could go two ways – companies figure out cleaner energy instead of fossil fuels – people continue to consume as much if not more. New environmental issues come up later that we had not foreseen  from use of wind and solar energy.

Or we are not able to find viable alternatives and the cost of everything goes up. People consume less than they do today. We restore some sense of balance to the natural world.

Which way will things go – I wonder?


2 thoughts on “US House passes a bill to reduce climate change impact

  1. Anupa July 10, 2009 / 10:05 pm

    This indeed is good news. I think this is the first time the US has actually decided to DO something in this regard. They were the only ones to diplomatically ignore the Kyoto Protocol… and having lived here for a year now, I am still shocked at the complete ignorance on the part of so many of its citizens on this matter.

    As far as the common man here is concerned, Global Warming is a myth! (and the common man/woman that i interact with is a post graduate degree holder working for a large IT corporation!) Shocking!

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