Doing up our house and buying a four-poster bed

I have my heart set on a four-poster bed for our bedroom.

Something modern, interesting looking like this:


Or this, with pencil-posts, as they call it:


Or even a little traditional looking,


Now that we have set up our guest-room with the old Ikea bed, done it up with new curtains and a nice bed-spread waiting for our guests ( little sis, this time its a royal treatment), our bedroom is empty!

Appapappa got this idea that we will buy dhurries and sleep on the floor – and we did. For two whole days. Good as it is for the back, I do miss sleeping on a bed and a mattress.

Its an indication of our craziness I think that we are oscillating between sleeping on Rs200 dhurries for the next one year, or indulging on a four-poster bed that will set us back by 40 K. Can we just decide one way or the other and be done with it? No, we have to discuss this thing to death – so while it is practical for us to not have a bed at all ( that way N can roll all around the floor and we don’t have to worry about her falling off), we do want to upgrade our lifestyle to one where we at least sleep on beds like other normal people our age.

These four-poster beds do give a lot of character to the bedroom. Should we indulge, inspite of the risk of N painting our new bed over with her crayons? Or should we wait a year or two, let her grow up, and until then – its good old-fashioned dhurries?

< New update: And ours looks like this. Yes, finally got one, made of Mango Wood. Love it now. It has a matching mirror that I’ve put up on the opposite wall>




5 thoughts on “Doing up our house and buying a four-poster bed

  1. Space Bar June 24, 2009 / 8:59 pm

    🙂 now see, when you said redecorating, I didn’t realise you were looking for a bed!

    • kopili June 25, 2009 / 7:30 am

      that’s the big one.. we also moved around a lot of the stuff. you should come over and see. And the plants you gave me are looking great !

  2. Shahana June 25, 2009 / 3:24 am

    I vote for dhurries. You can keep everything stylishly rustic in this room 🙂

    • kopili June 25, 2009 / 7:31 am

      rustic has been done – want to do something else now. either traditional or very contemporary .

  3. Anonymous February 22, 2013 / 8:09 am

    Could you let me know where you got this – I’m not a fan of four poster beds as I feel they fill up a room, but have no other option as we need to use a mosquito net. I prefer ones like yours where the posts are not framed horizontally on top.

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