What N is watching these days & How to keep a toddler occupied

This cool video by Eric Herman:

I realised I’m in danger of getting hooked to Eric Herman songs too. Friend of mine who recommended this for N is already hooked, he admits.

“Lakdi ki Kathi”  from the old Hindi movie Masoom:

N calls this song “Lakka Ikki Akka”, I made the mistake of singing this to her once, ever since I am the Ghoda in this song, and have to  gallop about while I try to make up the words.

This old-time favorite of those of us who grew up with DD1 :

She found this one too slow – but I had to show it to her, it was the only animation I had ever seen as a kid for a long time.

Other N favorites are : “Eeee aaa Eeee aaa”, aka Old Mac Donald, and “Ot Xox Buns” aka Hot Cross Buns. I don’t  correct her of course, it sounds too cute.

While on the topic, let me tell you what led to this post.  A two year old has to be occupied with games, songs, running around, whatever.. ALL THE TIME. Take a break ( like I did today), and try to read your email.. and next thing you know.. the nice wine bottle you bought yesterday , and which still had half the wine left, and which you bought after considering the cost, which Sahyadri hill the grapes grew on etc etc.. is shattered on the floor.Thanks to extra energetic two year old. All my fault of course, how could I imagine I could leave her alone for a whole minute?? Thankfully, she was not hurt ..

So back to the topic of how to keep toddler’s occupied – one of my quiet time activities is watching these nursery rhyme videos. This is when basically I need to keep her quiet for a while, and somebody else do the singing and horsing around. Otherwise its poor old me, doing “Lakdi ki Kathi”.

While on the topic, I was looking online, and found this article on BBC site on how to keep your kids occupied. Could not help smile at the list – hey, isn’t this common sense? We need to read this article to know that we should be singing and dancing with our kids?


2 thoughts on “What N is watching these days & How to keep a toddler occupied

  1. jammie July 25, 2009 / 1:08 am

    heyy- thanks for dropping by the blog

    you can check out the I like elephants by eric herman also- its quite nutty and my 2 year old loves it

    do you get baby tv? thats a sure shot too esp since its short viewing time and doesnt turn them into tv watching blobs!!

    • kopili July 27, 2009 / 11:58 pm

      Hi Jammie – Seen that one too.. really cute.

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