An opinion and a confession: elections in Assam are over

So what were my choices? A candidate fielded by the Congress party who was also the Municipal commissioner for the last few years in Ghy, and outside whose main office a pile of garbage was rotting for the last few years? He was watching the garbage turn to compost all these years, or what? On the other hand, I was told that he has spent some of the money for the schools in the area( I went to visit the one in my locality and talked to the headmistress to verify, this was apparently true). So okay, this guy seems to have done something. But what about the party itself?

Then there is this lady candidate fielded by the BJP, who shows up in posters everywhere with Sushma Swaraj .. I don’t know much about her. A search on the internet does not reveal much either.

There is hardly any information about any of the independent candidates either.

I spent a few days thinking about it. Then I thought, okay, let me vote based on the manifestos of the parties instead of the individual candidates.

Hmm… then I read about the agendas published by the parties. Here are the decision points I have . BJP is offering rice at Rupee 1 per kg, while congress is offering similar food subsidisation programmes. This is their poll-pledge, their agenda of what they will do for the country. As a voter, I immediately think – okay, so where are these food subsidies going to come from? Do people need free food, or do they need a way of generating some income? In places I visited in the last year, the employment for 100 days in a year to one member of the family has had mixed results. So has the Self-help groups. Should the mixed results count as a plus point for the ruling party. Is it enough to tilt the scales? Nopes, not with the lukewarm follow-ups they have planned in the next few years.

So then I am back to square one. I am finding that making a logical choice is impossible for me, given that the only things I see in the papers are the populist plans.

So I finally am left with no choice at all.  So, I FINALLY DID NOT VOTE. I know, I don’t deserve to have any opinion on any matter in the future, because, hey, I did not vote. But I have only one thing to say – I could not really find a person/party who deserved my vote.

< Just read in the Hindu newspaper about some of the items on BJP election manifesto, in which the party makes some pretty tall claims about India’s greatness in days gone by. According to them, we are the “world’s oldest civilization”, apparently, we are not, rebuts The Hindu. The Chinese civilazation is as old, perhaps older. According to the BJP manifesto, we have some tremendous capabilities in the iron and steel industry, because, you see, the Qutb minar, made partly of iron, has not rusted yet. Lord help us if we have to go back that far in history to realize our own greatness! There are more gems like this -but I guess this suffices to give an idea of hard the BJP is trying to convince Indians of our own greatness. How about looking ahead a little, and figuring out how to continue in this vein?

Meanwhile, a small ray of hope. The BJP manifesto does have something about an issue I care about deeply – conservation, and a clean green world. It plans to invest and generate 20% of energy used in the country through renewable energy. Clean, non-fossil. Hmm.. got to see how feasible this is.



5 thoughts on “An opinion and a confession: elections in Assam are over

  1. Aarthi May 3, 2009 / 3:31 am

    Well I guess that is the correct decision;you broke down the process into superb logical steps

  2. lostonthestreet May 4, 2009 / 10:13 am

    you are tagged

  3. kopili May 4, 2009 / 2:18 pm

    aarthi – i just wish there was a “and here is the right candidate/party for you” at the end of it!

    • Aarthi May 4, 2009 / 7:01 pm

      absolutely!!…even I wish it was that,
      but I think since I am not doing anything about that and the fact that I don’t event live in country as of now,doesn’t give me that right…

  4. Shelley May 11, 2009 / 3:43 pm

    Rule 49-0 of the conduct of
    elections (No-voting option) which act as a deterrent and eliminate the chances of proxy voting, false voting etcetera. Normally, political parties resort to such underhand tactics when there are empty ballot booths and voters do not turn to decide the fate of the candidates. can you throw some light on this matter in Assam and its awareness level amongst the community. Did the local newspaper highlight this aspects.

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