Earth hour: and the point of it is?

Last Sunday, at 8:30 pm, we were all supposed to observe Earth-hour. At least, thats what the media-channels were exhorting us to do, to show that we were every bit as “green” as the person next door.

First of all, I am not much of a believer in “hours” and “days”, though occasionally I do get caught in all the craziness, and bake my Mom a cake for Mother’s Day or something. But “Earth hour” ?? I mean seriously, what was it supposed to be for? Obviously, it was not to reduce greenhouse gases . It was supposedly symbolic, to show that we care for the environment.

A symbolic gesture towards caring for the environment in which we leave and breathe seems like doing too little for something that needs a lot to be done. If anything, what the earth hour ended up doing was showing people how deeply entrenched we are in our lifestyle and how difficult it is for us to change it.

Take our case. I landed up with some friends at this restaurant in South Mumbai, called Basilica. We reached there at 8:25.. and were told that the lights would be switched off in 5 minutes. My friends were pissed, we went to another place. I , with my green leanings, was more tolerant, but still left me wondering what the point of it all was.

Incidentally, many people wondered the same. In the state of California, the greenest of the green, Earth Hour met with lukewarm response. So much for that!


One thought on “Earth hour: and the point of it is?

  1. Ajay April 12, 2009 / 7:57 pm

    I have to agree. I like the idea of raising awareness, but I take the bus 5 days a week, use CFLs and try to carpool for social occasions. Exactly how an hour of keeping my lights off will help is beyond me.

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