The sea, the fishermen and a nice garden

Last evening N, me and FIL went to the Port Trust garden in Colaba.

We sat on the benches overlooking the sea. We could see the last few street-lights of the Queen’s Necklace and the pier from Marine drive extending out to the sea. In the distance, the Navy headquarters building, built to resemble a ship at sea, dominated the horizon. There were a lot of small passenger boats strung with colorful flags and some fishing boats. The scene was idyllic; except that the memory of 26/11 lurked somewhere in my mind.

The garden was really awesome – little hillocks covered with green grass, and kids running all over. Small families and couples sitting here and there. Old couples sitting on the benches. Determined joggers using the trail.

FIL pointed out the tall Port trust officers building. He called it the “leaning tower of Colaba” – and really, it was leaning a bit to the back and to the left. But leaning or not, what a view the people living in those buildings would be having.


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