Observed in Mumbai: smart business or am I being too cynical?

This was near Eros cinema in Mumbai. I was walking on the footpath with N toddling along, and what do I see? Two large cows, one white and one black, tethered near a Banyan tree. Both of them happily chomping on grass. Since I am with N, I have to stop to see the “Cow-moo-moos”. So we stop.

The owner was making some balls out of hay and wheat. And she had bundles of grass near her. Then suddenly a gentleman ( looked like a broker, he had an Eco-T tucked under an arm) picked up one of the wheat balls, fed it to the cow, and gave the owner 10 rupees. Then came a office-peon who picked up a bundle of grass, fed it to gou-mata, and dropped off a rupee onthe owner’s plate. Then a woman dressed in a salwar-kameez.. there was a never ending stream of people. Passers-by were paying the owner to feed her cow! 

Good business or what? Your cows get fed, you don’t spend anything, and you get the milk at the end of the day.

Cool, cool, stuff.

< I was probably the only cynic there. N was enjoying watching the cows feed, the owner was enjoying having money on her lap while under the shade of the large banyan tree, and the people feeding the cows were enjoying the Punya!>


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