Ramble in the Oval Maidan and Smoothie in the cha-bar

N and I are discovering Mumbai – a bit at a time.  As usual, when you are somewhere with a toddler, things happen to you that otherwise wouldn’t.

Like getting your hand bitten playfully by a little doggie who you pet coz N wants you to! – this was at Maidan.  I also had to be friendly with a huge mean looking thing that looked like a cross between a bull-dog and a hippo.

Like watching sparrows picking up bhel ( again at the maidan).

Like drinking yogurt smoothie at a cha-bar ( sigh!) – this was at Oxford.

Like reading Aesops fables out loud, loud enough for everybody in the cha-bar to enjoy!

< PS: where in Mumbai can I get my camera repaired? I am missing so many photo ops. The buildings around the Maidan were beautiful in the evening light>


2 thoughts on “Ramble in the Oval Maidan and Smoothie in the cha-bar

  1. kausiki March 24, 2009 / 3:51 am

    So cute….reminded me of Nagaon,where N was calling out to the the entire animal kingdom to sit beside her…:)fix up d camera soon.

  2. lostonthestreet March 24, 2009 / 12:01 pm

    try Heera Panna -or what brand is it? u will def have an outlet there in south mumbai itself

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