And this is why I love Hyderabad..

Check out the gems below from a “India Today Guide to Property buying in Hyderabad”. I am slightly ashamed to admit to buying this – my assumed-highbrow-mentality is not yet allowing me to admit that I am really and truly in the property market, doing mundane material things like looking for property to buy. But there is the sad truth. But back to the gems from the buyer’s guide:

From a property listing for Aparna Sarovar:

“Aparna Sarovar invites you with arms wide open, one being a 75 acre perennial lake and the other being the University of Hyderabad” – I have heard of “Kanoon ka haath” being lamba, but this one seems to surpass Kanoon.

Another one that is funny, and slightly ironic: “Hyderabad city’s skyline rivals that of any city in the developed world, replete ( my God!) with aesthetically appealing flyovers, skywalks and expressways.” I can understand flyovers and expressways being efficient – I cannot imagine, in my wildest dreams, of aesthetically appealling ones!

Eeeks… and what is this! An apartment complex called, hold your breath, even if you are a Star Wars fan,  “Aliens Space Station 2” – I should not laugh yet, for all I know I may end up there. But seriously, this company is called the Aliens Group, has apartment complexes called Space Stations, and an Alien Hub ( do they have a UFO center, I wonder)?  No, you dont want an address for Flat Number 102, Aliens Space Station, Gachibowli, Hyderabad? Not even if they are offering “a perfect destination for the high-flyers to experience the future today”?

All of the apartment complexes, btw, offer something called “digital living” – I am still trying to understand what exactly that means.  Maybe an internet connection – to make your life completely digital?

Then there are  outright lies. 80% open spac2, 20% living space. Where are these splending open spaces, landscaped gardens, and what have you, I wonder? All I see around me are really ugly high-rises with no aesthetics or grace whatsoever.Perhaps they include the open spaces “inside” your apartment where you live.

There is also an article in the magazine where one guy is arguing about how vertical rises have a lower carbon footprint than spread out homes. The logic being it is easier to provide water, amenities etc. if everything is located within a small distance. Now since he has not substantiated his argument with numbers, I am immediately suspicious – his arguments are seeming like defensive statements. Somebody somewhere is speaking out against the total bastardization of the Hyderabad landscape it looks like. That strong word would also give you an inkling of my personal feelings about this I guess. but more about that another time!

I leave you with a final gem from a property developer called Lanco Hills, who claim that their property is going to stir in you, in their own words, “covetous passions”. Unless of course, you choose to have ” A peep into a Aditya Constructions villa” because that will  ensure you ” a rendezvous with luxury at its very best”.


2 thoughts on “And this is why I love Hyderabad..

  1. Ajay November 13, 2008 / 12:13 pm

    K, the fact that density is better than sprawl for the environment and carbon footprints is a known fact. Per capita, it costs less to heat, transport and feed people in metropolitan areas than in suburbs. Of course, that doesn’t mean we have to put up with the hideous nature of Indian urbanization :).

  2. BD November 14, 2008 / 12:06 pm

    Actually there is a lot of proof out there how high rises have better carbon footprint than spread out suburbs. There are economis of scale which you get in densly populated regions – heating, electricity, multi level parking etc. Think walking to your grocery store instead of driving, think using the public transport more, and several similar factors.

    One really great comparison is NY v/s LA, because they are similar scale cities but diametrically opposite in the plan. The newer US cities – in the west, such as LA were built with assumptions that people want wide open spaces, and gas is cheap, so they can easily drive 10 miles to do groceries, schooling, restaurants etc. These cities are facing huge issues in the current oil driven recession. Places like phoenix, LA, are the worst affected in the housing market.

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