Trentalia – fined on the train

Appapappa and I are merrily on our way to Venice from Bologna – dreaming about the canals, I suppose, when the TT comes along. We are on a Trenitalia train, bought our tickets and boarded our train in Bologna. Having taken the train from Florence to Bologna, we considered ourselves as old hands at this. Imagine our surprise when the TT announced – 50 euros fine for each ticket.. whaaa… what did we do??

An american guy who spoke good Italian was enlisted to help. After a round of translations, it turns out that we were supposed to validate our tickets before boarding the train. Failing which.. the fine!! I must say that Appapappa was a cool cat, he announced he did not have money for the fine.. and the TT immediately reduced the fine to 50 for both of us.. what a relief. We paid up and continued the journey subdued. I totally suspect the guy took the money as bribe.

Venice was totally worth all this.. but another post on that, with pics.

We are now in Rome – came back to the same hotel we stayed in earlier. The one run by sisters.. Sister Stella smiled kindly at N.. looks like she,as winning their hearts too.

Appapappa and I are wondering what to do tomorrow. Our last day in Italy.


One thought on “Trentalia – fined on the train

  1. BD October 24, 2008 / 11:53 am

    I like Stella!

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