11 flavors of Gelato

Appapappa is keeping a meticulous list of all the gelato flavors he has tried.  Im stealing his list to post here–

Yogurt,Pista,Chocolate,Hazelnut( bought by GSingh), strawberry, vanilla ( bought by Gsingh again), Melon, yikes.. forgot the last four.

I think both Appapappa and N have one objective everyday.. to try out the next flavor. Usually it takes about half hour for the selection .. while the shopkeeper waits. And I feel slightly uncomfortable. Its funny that A who takes all decisions in about half a second takes so long to decide this. Once it is decided, he takes a few moments off to himself to savor everything.. in which time N is lookign longingly at the gelato. After that.. its all mayhem. N wants it all to herself, and so does A.. Somehow they also want to share. Between the two of them it disappears faster than piranhas devouring their food.

Its tons of fun to watch them do this.


2 thoughts on “11 flavors of Gelato

  1. lostonthestreet October 22, 2008 / 4:04 am

    btw i am reaching mumbai on 2nd November.leave for hyd after that…

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