Day 1of Ciao


Everyone here does say Ciao by the way 🙂

Arrived at Rome today at noon – first interesting incident, one of our bags was ripped apart during the flight. Appa went to lodge a complaint – came back after he saw that the lady was taking 15 minutes per passenger.

Took a taxi into Via Guisti ( via = street) – the hotel Albergo Guisti, run by nuns, is a nice clean hotel at a good location. I got a feeling of going back to St. Marys English High School as I stood in front of the nun at the front desk – her accent was so familiar. Finally, I had to ask: where are you from? OOty, she replied with a smile. 🙂 For a brief moment visions of the hardy Sisters at my catholic School came to mind. 

 There are lots of trattorias and ristorantes and gelaterias around. I had cannelloni for lunch, appa had a Funghi risotto ( yum). Followed by an Espresso.. as we watched the Romans walk by. Most  people would exclaim Bella Bambini when they saw N – nice of them.  

We slept through the afternoon, of course, everyone else was taking a riposto too. Ours lasted a little longer than intended, a full 3 hours! Once we got up, we decided to go for a nice long walk – ending with a dinner of Penne and Pizza, washed down with the house wine. Followed by a cappucino at a bar ( btw, some strange rules here – if you have coffee at the bar standing up it is 1 € but if you have it at the table it is 5 €. Anyway, back to the hotel after a long walk. This city reminds me strongly of Mumbai – the Churchgate area. Paved sidewalks, lots of people walking, hatchback cars, old buildings.  The piazza we saw today was a lot like CP – strange that Rome is reminding me of Indian cities. I wonder if the impression will change once I see more of Rome. Waiting to find out.


2 thoughts on “Day 1of Ciao

  1. Gol Singh October 8, 2008 / 6:01 am

    Watch out for pickpockets like you would in Mumbai!

  2. kausiki October 10, 2008 / 12:00 am

    Waitin for the pics.

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