Missing the crazy friends in Seattle

The worst part about leaving a city is leaving your friends behind. You spend hours and hours with them – and then all of a sudden one day you dont know when you will see them next.

S, C and B came to our house before we left: the last half hour we spent playing football with N’s ball ( with a SpongeBob Squarepants on it) in the empty house. Good fun – as usual, S commented: “we should have done this before” . As usual, B complained about everything ( heh heh, I am waiting for his comment when he reads the post), and as usual C carried the ball with her hands into the post. They also pulled my leg about what an aggressive player I was, and, just so the scene is complete: S’s last comment was “We won”.

There is something about spending lots and lots of time with your friends that you start feeling like you know them really well. And with it, comes the comforting feeling of knowing what they are going to say and what they are going to do. You start missing it when you are no longer with them. And you start missing all the idiosyncrasies too.

I wonder: When we meet next, will we just pick up where we left and party on? Feel awkward with each other because we no longer know what the other person is doing, and have no idea what to say? Take time to “warm-up” and then, by the time we are back to our old times, its time to say GBye again? Sigh.. if only it would always be the first.


2 thoughts on “Missing the crazy friends in Seattle

  1. BD October 5, 2008 / 10:04 pm

    When did I complain? And just so its clear to everyone our team, you and I, scored the most goals, with C running around like a headless chicken. We won!

    BTW did you know that you have exactly two each of every known spices, daal, oils, etc. I have enough inventory to start a Indian grocery store.

    Dont worry its a small world we’ll meet, and quite likely in the most unlikely of places. And when we do the warm up time can easily be expedited with some alchohol.


  2. S October 8, 2008 / 9:37 am

    News flash………. A & I scored the most goals. The goals you were cheering for went outside the post. And C didn’t even know which team she was playing for.

    And “We won”!

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