The agony and the ecstasy

Forgive me for me being so unimaginative about the title of the post ( its the name of a book on Michelangelo – anybody visiting Italy reads this I am told) – but it so aptly captures how I feel about bringing up Noyonika.

The agony first – since it is fresh in my mind. Scene – at Appa’s manager’s house, invited for a dinner. N is busy tearing up pieces of the paper napkin with her teeth and strewning the floor with it – I am trying to feed myself and her while maintaining a conversation with the hosts. My eyes are away from N for a second – she grabs on the napkin, the beautiful ceramic saucer is about to reach its ends on the polished hardwood floor – i manage to save it at the last possible moment. Next she decides its the best time to do potty, of the really stinky kind – why she has to do it only when we are at somebody;s house I dont know. I clean the potty – change her, my brain in shreds now..

Appa says I should be more calm .. well, bad timing to tell me such things, I retort.

On to the ecstasy part – ahemm.. hhmm.. no inspiration today 🙂 I must really be  in a bad mood..


One thought on “The agony and the ecstasy

  1. blinkandmiss September 28, 2008 / 11:00 pm

    Ha ha, my 4 month old son farts and burps in the grossest, loudest way possible especially in elevators, shops and other public places. And never at home. People always look at me up and down with their very-disgusted look, thinking its me.

    Sigh.. I should write a book or something about sacrifices a mother makes. 🙂

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