Bomb Blasts , Floods and HFCS

There are 3 things on my mind right now, all of them depressing. Painting a sad bad picture of the world –

The first thing on my mind – the string of Bomb blasts in Delhi. Two of my cousins live in Delhi, a number of close friends live in Delhi – thank God they are all safe. But it is scary – I remember when the teenage boy next to our house in Guwahati died in a bomb blast 1 km away from our house. When it gets close like that, you realise how bad things are.  I spoke to my sister today, and it seems Mumbai is the next target!!!

The second is about my home state Assam – ravaged by floods! This happens every year – its not the first time more than half the state is under water. LOTs has blogged about it in detail here – the apathy of the government – both Central and State is amazing. We have these floods every year – people die and people lose everything. Yet, we do nothing – sit on our hands waiting for the next years calamity. Why?

The third one, HFCS ( High Fructose Corn Syrup) , a source of big debates and controvery in the country that I am currently living in – USA. Why? Well, apparently this country is feeding itself on corn & its by products. In fact, it said that 70% of a supermarkets produce can be traced back to corn. HFCS is the sweetener for most food products – and it is entirely non-nutrional empty calories. Americans are becoming obese because their food is made out of corn that has been genetically modified to have more starch and less protein – obesity leading to other diseases and potentially increase in healthcare costs. It is troubling to see this – and raises questions about how good is such an efficient market if it leads to worse health for its citizens? And if it happenned in the USA, are there not chances that it may happen in India – where the markets are becoming more efficient, and cheaper is better, and consumption is the word of the day.

All is not very well with the world we live in, at least, it does not feel like it right now.


One thought on “Bomb Blasts , Floods and HFCS

  1. BD September 24, 2008 / 12:00 pm

    Might actually be a good thing for India, where the main problem is not obesity but malnutiotion and starvation, and huge percentage of produce being lost due to lack of storage, pests, or general mismanagement of the entire system.

    And glad to hear you see protein as an important part of the diet. Hint: maybe add some chicken or meat to the mac&cheese 🙂

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