I will miss the Pacific North-West

The posts are short these days, and I am making do with pictures.  My left hand is in a cast – yes, I did it again. For the third time, I’ve broken my hand – friends and the little sis are saying – ho hum, so whats new?

So anyway, when one has a hand and a half to type with, one gets economical with words.

Wanted to post about the wonderful Birthday outing we had for Appapappa’s birthday ( that was on 13th). We went to this cabin near Mt St Helens ( yes, the very same volcano that erupted sometime in the 80’s and killed a number of campers and hikers). The cabin is in this EcoPark , set in meadows a little distance feom the volcano.  We hiked a bit, lazed around a bit, read a bit – all the makings of a nice weekend trip. I was reading, very appropriately, “Walden” – by Henry D. Thoreau. If you’ve read the book, you know what i am talking about. If not, check WIki…

Here are the pics of the volcano, N horsing about in the cabin, and appa grinning foolishly.


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