Best Indian Food in Seattle

I am not exaggerating in this post. People who know me and Appapappa well will also know that he is the one who exaggerates – not me. I am the one who has a level head on her shoulders.. ahem.

So again, I am not exaggerating when I say I had the best Indian food in North America. At a little known, unadvertised ( is that a word) place in Seattle, Capitol Hill. Called Travellers. Its run by this German guy who did a PhD from Lucknow, on, hold your breath – Indian Politics. I had a little chat with him, in which I skilfully avoided the topic of Indian politics ( you know why, its not a topic on which I can hold my own in a conversation), and steered the topic towards – what else – two things I know well – food and travel. This guy has apparently travelled everywhere in India except the North East – and he cooks the food in the restaurant.

It is a testimony to his cooking skills that Appa licked the plate till it shone. I took a photo for proof – here it is.

I know where I will be going every Sunday afternoon for lunch.


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