Summer time in Seattle

Seattle has to be the most gorgeous place in summer. Picture this – blue skies ( or should I say Azure), reflected in the waters of the lake, beautiful houses on the hillside, roses blooming and the warm smell of grass mingling with the  heady smell of the roses. And to be cycling along the lake on a day like this – thats my idea of the best time!

The whole of last week has been great weather – and I have been playing truant from office 🙂 Went for a 10 mile bike ride one of the days last week, on the Lake Sammamish Trail – which joins Burke Gilman trail ( from Woodinville to Kenmore). It was a 2 hour ride, and my behind is feeling it even now, but was worth it. The trail first follows Lake Sammamish, right upto Bothell –  passing by nice parks, and open farmland. It then joins Burke Gilman trail somewhere near Bothell and the scenery changes – suddenly you see lots of houses with boats moored on their piers. There’s also a great public golf course along the way. Then a few factories belching sulphuric vapor – and finally the Kenmore seaplanes hangar. That was where I turned back.

Looking forward to getting to Seattle on the Burke Gilman like we did the summer before last!


One thought on “Summer time in Seattle

  1. lostonthestreet July 16, 2008 / 5:38 pm

    And tell me once again why you want to come back to India? did you not hear me crib about traffic pollution, lack of open spaces?
    Patriotism is a hugely over rated virtue

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