Carrying your Baby

I love carrying N around whereever I go. Small walks our house in the nice warm summer months, long hikes up the Cascade mountains near Seattle, shopping in the mall.

Recently N outgrew her Baby Bjorn – we now carry her around in a baby back-pack. I miss her warm comfort and nuzzling – its not really the same carrying her in the back-pack. N does not seem to mind though – she looks around with as much curiosity and snoozes as happily as she used to in the Bjorn.

Here are some interesting pictures of how women around the world carry their babies. The black and white one is an American Indian woman carrying her baby in a Papoose. Then the one with the Llama – you guessed it – from Peru. And the colorful one from China. And then there is me and N in her backpack, and Ma with a much smaller N in her Baby Bjorn.

Heck, if these women can climb up and down hills and go about daily chores with their babies on their backs, surely, I can lug N around!


2 thoughts on “Carrying your Baby

  1. lostonthestreet July 4, 2008 / 12:11 pm

    nice post and very good observations..btw how about a pic of a bodo woman carrying her child .!!! and walking up the hills in kharghuli

  2. LOTS July 4, 2008 / 6:48 pm

    wrote a comment earlier.where did it dissapear?
    nice observations…what about a pic of a bodo woman carrying her baby up the kharghuli hills?? 🙂

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