A day with Appa away & visa angsts

Appapappa left for Vancouver to get his visa this morning – at the unearthly hour of 5. I was hoping the guy would miss me – instead he was busy eating the “best indian food” at the “best downtown location”. Ok, ok – I should just let the poor guy have some fun. I do hope he comes back tomorrow, there seems to be a chance he may have to hang around there for 4-5 days to get his visa.

This entire visa process feels so derogatory sometimes – like begging somebody to let you into their door.

Me: “Please, please. Your house is so pretty and clean. Please let me in. I would like to be a slave here.”
They: “Go away. Our house is only for nice pretty people. Who are you anyway”?
Me: “I live in the next block – err… ya, the slightly dirtly one with lots of people in it. Thats why I want to come into your neat and clean house and slave away.”
They: ” Umm.. okay. But what if you refuse to leave when you have finished slaving.”
Me secretly thinking: I’ll never finish slaving. But here’s what I will say: “Of course i will leave. I will miss my mother and father and brother and sister and uncle and aunt .. and will leave. Now will you please let me in.”
They: “Okay, but promise you will work all the time, you will say skedule when you mean schedule and you talk to me only by appointment”.
Me: “Promise. Yippeee.. I get to be a slave in the clean big house”

And so on. You get the drift.


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