N is a fighter

I discovered this the other day at the day care. I went to pick up N one day evening- from the Toddler class (yes,she has graduated from Infant class to Toddler). As I was collecting N’s jacket and bag, her teacher casually remarks “N beat a kid in class today”. I was not quite sure how to react. My first reaction was to laugh out loud – I was imagining the scene,and could not help but find it funny for a one year old to try to whack another kid. Now there are folks who will chastise me for this – I should be teaching her manners etc etc. I have only one defense – I would have found it equally funny if another kid was hitting N. Anyway, I had enough sense to ask the teacher why? Apparently the other kid was taking N’s food – so she had to whack her! What else could she do-I think there is nothing my little baby hates more than having food taken away from her.

Now I can rest assured that she will survive in thisdog eat dog world. I am not sure about her manners though!


2 thoughts on “N is a fighter

  1. ~nm May 20, 2008 / 4:11 am

    Apne hak ke liye to ladna hi padega na! 🙂

    Yup, she will survive well for sure!

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