Its HOT in Seattle

And I am hotter! So says N – so what if the sunglasses are a few sizes too big – they still look hep, dont they?

The last 3 days were HOT – temperatures went upto 90F ( thats about 32 C I think, I had to open up calc and think of conversion formulae even after 3 years of being in the US). Thats an interesting thought – why do I still think in Celcius, Kgs and Kms? When somebody tells me the temperature is 90 deg, I am like -ya, thats hot! But do I have any inkling what that really means? You bet I don’t – so somewhere in the background my mind is racing to do the calculations so that I can make the right social response.

Anyway, back to the heat in Seattle. It is so hot that we are all wearing shorts – and there is a crowd near every water body available. Since SEattle has no dearth of water bodies, no fear of not finding a spot. One of the things Ilove about this city – parks and waterbodies abound. Once the sun comes out, no place likethis.

We got up early today, played tennis at greenLake – followed by Ultimate Frisbee. That was fun. As usual, my cheeks are red and sunburnt. N enjoyed playing in the grass. Sujeet (hep hep Sujeet) had new sunglasses – and N stole them from him. She’s rocking in them.

What a great day! If every day waslike this, well, life would have been justperfect.


2 thoughts on “Its HOT in Seattle

  1. lostonthestreet May 19, 2008 / 2:30 am

    Hello you cant copy from my blog ok?? fyi,i saw your blog after writing my latest post.this is as bad as siblings wearing the same frock or half shirt/half pant combination!!!

  2. Anonymous May 19, 2008 / 2:32 am

    thats fine as long as you think of celsius NOT celcius ( are you that bad with spelling as with conversion formulae?

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