Jet lag is not good – vacation at home is good!

We’re back from our trip to India – and what a trip it has been. With all my aunts trying to out-do each other taking care of N, Appa and I just vegetated in Guwahati. Ate huge quantities of food, and did not even have the decency to do some walking around for digestion. The heat daze also helped keep us lying flat on our beds for most of the day – venturing in the evenings to CCD ( we used to call it Cafe Coffee Day, but thats not cool I heard 🙂 .

The little sis was happy – she got plenty of time to spend with N. She organized the loudest Bday celebration ever for N in Ghy. My Dad of all people made the biggest commotion with the foam gun ( or whatever that thing that you shoot that lets out foam at parties is called). Ma worked so hard getting the party together. As Appa often says : “I dont know how your Mom gave birth to two lazee donkies like you and your sis” the contrast in our ability to work hard so apparent.

Goa was great too – nice resort vacation with the in-laws. FIL has turned 70 ( our splurging on a 5- star resort due to this occasion), and he looks fit and good. God keep him that way for a long time.

Bombay was hot – but worth it due to the good food. Unlimited skewers of barbecue after a 2hr drive and a 45 min wait – but still worth it. Great vada pavs – fantastic Indian food atKhyber. Awesome Gujju thalis, the best ofwhich we had in, of all places, Goa!

All in all, could not have asked for a better vacation. The jet lag is not too hot though, neither is the travel ( yucks! ). More on the travel some other time.


One thought on “Jet lag is not good – vacation at home is good!

  1. lostonthestreet April 29, 2008 / 3:19 pm

    lazy donkey? who me? what? you forgot to mention the behind the scenes happenings of the party 🙂

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