Same time last year: Part 1

This time last year, I was a heavily pregnant woman, walking about the hills of Kharghuli, Guwahati at my parents home. I was pampered and plump 🙂 And I had only myself to take care of. I had 4 weeks to go for my delivery date.

The days were filled with visits to relatives & friends, or visits from relatives and friends. My father was building a new house, and I was trying to coax & cajole him into doing it the way I wanted it to come up.

What else was I doing? Oh yes – getting to know ( or know again) all my little cousins, who – surprise, surprise, were not so little any more. No, they were all grown up teenagers, very different from the cuddly little kids I remembered them as. Some of them burdened with board exams and tests. I was trying to teach them the few things I know – like computers.

Umm.. what else did I do? I must have read – ah yes, I read Shantaram. Good long book that took me a while to read as I was too lazy to do much, even reading.

Now I am getting nostalgic. What a great time I had for almost a full month and a half – nothing but eating, sleeping and reading at my parent’s house. What more could I want? I am so glad I went back to India. Today when I think back I actually have very good memories of the time I spent back home. Would it have been the same if I had been in the US? Most decidedly not, I woudl have been working till the very last day, tired and waiting for the day to arrive, and not really enjoying much the last few weeks of waiting. Again, glad I gave myself the break.


One thought on “Same time last year: Part 1

  1. Swati March 17, 2008 / 7:17 am

    Ohh yes ..last few days are bad ..the wait just don’t end ..but yeah at the same time you enjoy all the attention

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