In fond memory of Eating Out

Appapappa and I – hopefully waiting outside the Italian restaurant to get a table. Holding our breath that N will be quiet for maybe half hour while we can sneak in dinner.

N squeals, kicks, screams. The waiter trying to seat us politely inform us that the table would take another 10 minutes. I have visions of N squealing at the table, us getting funny glances from everybody in the restaurant. We beat a hasty retreat.

To another restaurant across the parking lot – an Indian restaurant where I have seen bawling kids in the past. At least there would be other parents so the glares can be divided among all of us.

N still squeals, kicks and screams. A half eaten dosa and barely touched plate of Pongal – and we are ready to pack up and leave.

I vow never again!!But I know I will be back to try once more – who knows, we may have a lucky day.


One thought on “In fond memory of Eating Out

  1. Kongkona February 9, 2008 / 5:38 am


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