When N is unwell

N has been unwell for 10 days now. Started with a bad cough and throwing up. Appapappa was paranoid, but me the pragmatic said – it must be the phlegm thats causing her to throw up. Proven wrong! She has the stomach flu – runny bowel movement,and vomiting. Nothing much to do but wait it out seems to be the advice. Its easier said than done. Poor N seems quite tired – I am trying to keep feeding her to keep up her strength and to prevent any dehydration.

Last week was very tough for all of us. Since N could not go to daycare, I was taking care of her at home. She wanted to be held – so here I was,trying to balance her on my hip, and calling in to conference calls in office.I can tell you I did not enjoy it one bit.

It sure is tough taking care of a little baby- when she is unwell, its even harder. On days like this, I wish I had some help around the house.

Today Appapappa is unwell too. He fears he may also have got the bug.I hope not!!


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