N clambers up the stairs

I know this one calls for a pic – I’m such an idiot. N actually started going up the stairs today, encouraged by Appapappa. He left her at the bottom of the stairs, I was the bait at the top, and then we both watched as she scrambled over one step and then the other. Oh god, now I’ve got to watch the stairs too!! I’m such a paranoid Mom, I think secretly. Every time N does something new – i enjoy it, and at the same time I am thinking, now that she has learnt this new thing it can harm her in so and so way and i have to watch out more etc. etc.

A colleague in office, father of two, commented today – your worries for your kids never go away. They just change. How true.

Here’s to a lifetime of it.

In fond memory of Eating Out

Appapappa and I – hopefully waiting outside the Italian restaurant to get a table. Holding our breath that N will be quiet for maybe half hour while we can sneak in dinner.

N squeals, kicks, screams. The waiter trying to seat us politely inform us that the table would take another 10 minutes. I have visions of N squealing at the table, us getting funny glances from everybody in the restaurant. We beat a hasty retreat.

To another restaurant across the parking lot – an Indian restaurant where I have seen bawling kids in the past. At least there would be other parents so the glares can be divided among all of us.

N still squeals, kicks and screams. A half eaten dosa and barely touched plate of Pongal – and we are ready to pack up and leave.

I vow never again!!But I know I will be back to try once more – who knows, we may have a lucky day.

When N is unwell

N has been unwell for 10 days now. Started with a bad cough and throwing up. Appapappa was paranoid, but me the pragmatic said – it must be the phlegm thats causing her to throw up. Proven wrong! She has the stomach flu – runny bowel movement,and vomiting. Nothing much to do but wait it out seems to be the advice. Its easier said than done. Poor N seems quite tired – I am trying to keep feeding her to keep up her strength and to prevent any dehydration.

Last week was very tough for all of us. Since N could not go to daycare, I was taking care of her at home. She wanted to be held – so here I was,trying to balance her on my hip, and calling in to conference calls in office.I can tell you I did not enjoy it one bit.

It sure is tough taking care of a little baby- when she is unwell, its even harder. On days like this, I wish I had some help around the house.

Today Appapappa is unwell too. He fears he may also have got the bug.I hope not!!