Hawaii trip with N

We did it – we had a great vacation, with our baby!! YOU ARE TAKING YOUR BABY ALONG TO HAWAII!! THATS BRAVE – this was the standard reaction of people in office when we talked about our upcoming trip. Led me to think me and my husband were attempting something more ambitious like a trip to the Antartic or something..

Anyway, we made sure we packed all the milk bottles and bottle warmers and kettle to heat the water etc etc and we were all set. No mishaps, but a few embarrassing / tough moments recorded here to come back and laugh at later:

Borrowing diapers from another couple with a baby ( we forgot to pack diapers in the midst of the excitement of planning a hike to the most gorgeous valley – promised by the guidebook!)

Being stranded at a bus stand in the rain in Honolulu waiting / hoping for a bus to get us back to the airport. We made a foolish decision – decided to kill the 5 hours of layover time by roaming around the city in local buses.

Plane ride back where baby was cranky as she was unable to sleep and settle down.

Yes, thats all. Not too many, is it?

Highlights to remember:

Snorkelling in the bluest waters – swimming with turtles and some amazing varieties of fish with the most wonderful colors ( taking turns snorkelling while the other watched the baby)

Rainbow into the sea and volcano craters

Most wonderful beach – white sands and blue/turqiose waters

Feeding N icecream – she loved it!

Long drives and conversations with husband in a relaxed mood 🙂

Meeting a 92 year old woman who runs her own B&B – a wonderful woman with a great sense of humor

Spending day after day with N watching her as she crawled, stood, laughed, shrieked, giggled