First day at work

Notunma is back to work. It was my first full day at office today. I was a bad Mom – forgot to leave the formula at home – got a call from my Mom in the middle of a meeting that my daughter is hungry and has nothing to eat! So I abruptly end meeting and come home in the afternoon to feed her – was secretly glad to see her during the day.

I’ve been thinking about how I can do justice to my work and spend enough *relaxed* time with my husband and my daughter. Next few days will be spent plotting this.

Few things I have thought to myself should help:
Set up an environment so that when I am in office I can actually work without having to worry about my baby’s well being. Will blog more later on how I am trying to make this happen.
Set up priority – which is basically my husband, my daughter and then my work. So I know what I need to do when there are simulateneous demands.
Be honest in office. It becomes easy to put in less hours of work and rush back to family. But be honest and spend the time needed to do the best quality of work at the standards you have set for yourself.
Set up expectations at office about when I am available and when I am not. So nobody can crib later.
Minimise time wasted in office in ineffective meetings – I realized when I went back after a gap that there is a lot of this happenning.
Dont minimise time spent in getting to know people at office. What made me welcome when I went back to office were the greetings I got from people! Again, it is easy to cut down on the coffee breaks with co workers and lunch outings – in order to get work done and rush home. Dont get into the rush syndrome!

Whew! Thats a lot of things I am setting out to do. More later.