Colic – and new parents shudder

My daughter is colic. I discovered that word from the Bible for new parents – “What to Expect in the FIrst year”.

This means that almost everyday she cries for no known reason for an hour or more. Reasons for colic are not certain – causes could be gas, over excitement, stress.. I think my daughter is colic because of gas. She writhes and stretches out her body as though in spasms – and cries continously. No amount of comforting helps. I spoke to docs and consulted books – it seems one just has to live with it. Meanwhile, one can try putting the baby on her tummy and things like that to relieve the gas. Has not helped my baby though.

I’m hoping she will be okay once she gets older. One thing I have experienced as a new mom – one gets used to all kinds of things, including a howling baby. Yes, I still want to tear my hair out on certain days, and cry myself when I see and feel my baby being in pain, but those days are not very frequent nowadays.

Meanwhile, I wonder whether tonight will be a quiet one?

Sad – Am far from Appa

Was travelling from Mumbai to Seattle with Xunjoni and Ma. Was so excited to meet Appa after a month and half of being apart. Wanted to see his reaction to X having grown up a little bit more and being so different since when he left when she was less than a month old.

My bag was stolen outside the Mumbai internation airport.It had my passport and visa. I could not travel.

I came back to Guwahati to get all the documents again. Can take upto a month or more. I’m sad to be far from Appa for so long. I know he is missing me and X a lot, he is lonely and that makes me even more sad.