Experiences outside a "baby doctors" office in Ghy

A crowded street in the middle of a market known as Fancy Market in Guwahati. Fancy is the corrupted version – used to be “Faasi” meaning “death by hanging”, which is what used to happen at the place long ago.

The area is full of godowns where Guwahati’s groceries, clothing and what name you pass through. Full of trucks full of goods.

The docs office is through a pharmacy on a crowded street. Nearby are shops selling clothes, grocery, auto parts, you name it.

I get a small card with a number 8 on it. Wait my turn outside the docs office on the first floor. Outside, 7 marwari kids with parents wait. The doc is a Marwari.

Doc calls out the numbers one by one. Interesting to look at the kids. There is a year old girl with kohl lined bright eyes, payal on her tiny ankles, huge black bindi to ward off the evil eye.

A 2 year old precocious kid. Howls when entering the docs office, holds on to the door and refuses to enter. Almost drags everybody out of the office. Somehow comes out smiling.

Our turn to enter. Doc is wearing a small teddy bear on his stethoscope. Very cute. Good for entertaining kids.

Baby gets examined, all okay says Doc. I voice the thousands of concerns I have. None of which seem to be justified. They are all the this-is-what-life-with-kids-is-about variety.

All well, get back home happy with Baby in arms.


One thought on “Experiences outside a "baby doctors" office in Ghy

  1. The Mad Momma May 18, 2007 / 9:26 pm

    🙂 these days when we dont ask the pediatrician any questions and casually wave off what he has to offer us, he looks at us with a grin and says, “second baby?”

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