The importance of being Ignorant

I loved it when my baby smiled a gummy toothless smile after her feed. A look of absolute contentment on her face.. she looked angelic in her bliss.

And then I gained knowledge. I have nothing against knowledge in the regular scheme of things.. after all, my profession is based on it. But in this case, knowledge was not what i wanted or needed.

Apparently, baby smiles are not really smiles at all. Rather, they are the result of excess gas in the babies stomach, or so informed me the babycare book, What to Expect the first year, I was consulting.

I would have dearly preferred not to have known this little tit bit of information. And kept on being in paradise imagining that the baby smile was being flashed just for me! Sometimes ignorance really is bliss..

New reserves of patience discovered

I am not a patient person… or so I thought. Till my little daughter was born 15 days ago. And lo and behold. Unknown reserves of patience were discovered – maybe waiting for her to come along and need and demand those reserves.

I wondered while I was pregnant and before if I would be upto the demands of motherhood. My only reason to believe that maybe I just might were the vast number of women who have managed it. If others can, I can too was my not very logical rationale.

After 15 days of motherhood( not a lot, I know, but you can count that as 30 since there are no nights here to sleep in!) I feel a wee bit more confident.

I am not dying with restlessness. ( yes, occasionally I feel like getting some fresh air, but I dont want to pack my bags and go hike in the nearby mountains). I am not missing any parties, or grudging other folks their outings. And I do not feel like throwing the baby out of the window yet. That should count as something. Yes, the constant and unchanging routine of feeding, changing, cleaning and now repeat that all over again is tiresome. But so far it has not worn me down.

Some credit to the “partner in crime” or the husband. As he says, “Life is long, and there are different things to be enjoyed at different times.” Very weirdly, suddenly a line from Tintin comics, the one with the Incas, comes to mind – “Is no hurry, Senor, is no hurry”..

Xunjoni is born

She is my daugther. And the reason for this blog spot. Right now, she’s also the sole reason for my existence 🙂
She is whole of 15 days old day. She’s so small & tiny that she makes my heart full of happiness and pain at the same time.
I’m dedicating this blog to bringing her up!